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August 15, 2023

EasyVista and Ark Technology Consultants Continue to Drive Innovation and Client-Centric Solutions

EasyVista and Ark Technology Consultants Continue to Drive Innovation and Client-Centric Solutions

New York (August, 2023) - EasyVista, a leading provider of IT service management and operations management solutions, is proud to celebrate its ongoing partnership with Ark Technology Consultants, a consulting organization providing professional services to mid-market commercial and education clients. The partnership, which began twelve years ago, has recently been strengthened through the acquisition of VerisVisalign, solidifying their shared commitment to growth and client-driven excellence.  
Ark Technology Consultants offers project-based and cloud managed services to meet the demands of growth-driven organizations. Partnering with Microsoft, AWS, and EasyVista, Ark Technology Consultants delivers innovative solutions to enhance the employee experience and productivity of EasyVista's ITSM platform.

"EasyVista’s partnership with Ark Technology Consultants allows us to provide impeccable service that surpasses client expectations, and together, we are continuously striving for innovation and creating value," said Grant Mitchell, EasyVista's Director of Alliances for North America. "EasyVista is dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration and strong relationships with our clients and technology partners."
Ark Technology Consultants has developed a Microsoft Teams BOT that seamlessly integrates with EasyVista's ITSM platform, providing employees with a single place for common support requests and functions. With the widespread adoption of Microsoft Teams as a key communication and collaboration channel, this integration enhances the employee experience and streamlines support processes.

"Ark is excited to be partnered with EasyVista as both organizations are poised for growth," said Walter Cook, the CEO and Founder of Ark Technology Consultants. "We have much in common, being client-centric and hyper-focused on delivery excellence. We believe people are the cornerstone of innovation and creating value."

For more information about EasyVista visit www.easyvista.com.

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