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October 14, 2020

EasyVista Announces Launch of “Autumn 2020” Release for EV Service Manager and EV Self Help Solutions

NEW YORK (Oct. 14, 2020) – EasyVista, a global leader in intelligent and automated ITSM solutions, Enterprise Service Management (ESM), and Self Help, announced today the latest product release in the EasyVista portfolio. The release, named “Autumn 2020,” will provide enhanced support to employees, regardless of department, and end-customers through EV Service Manager and EV Self Help solutions.

The Autumn 2020 release will support professionals across the entire enterprise, whether you are in HR, IT, or customer relations, by providing different user profiles to address varying needs across an organization, but with a set of uniform procedures.

The Autumn 2020 release includes:

  • Agile configuration and advanced customization. With the Autumn 2020 release, users can deploy a fully customizable virtual agent (chatbot) which will follow a setup wizard and provide answers simply using Word or Excel files. The virtual agent can be customized with a playful and unique visual identity and persona based on company events or national holidays.
  • An integrated omnichannel experience. Support and Self Help solutions are now accessible through MS Teams as well as virtual agents deployed on a website. These can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or computer, and will provide more seamless step-by-step help, ticket creation, incident requests, and user collaboration.
  • More efficient and simple reporting solutions. The Autumn 2020 release includes configuration wizards to make it easier for users to analyze data. No technical knowledge is required because a visual configuration studio allows intuitive step-by-step reporting.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) now available in Spanish. Autumn 2020 makes it possible to process natural language and detect intention in English, French, and Spanish, proposing concrete actions to the user.

“With Autumn 2020, we are going even further in the quality of service offered to employees and end-customers,” says Phillipe Franck, Director of Products for EasyVista. “The Covid-19 crisis has shown that users expect technological tools and excellent service, and remote work has accelerated the digitalization of business processes. This all revealed the need for robust working tools and efficient processes in all circumstances, especially in the event of a crisis. EasyVista wanted to respond to the market demand and help companies continue their digitalization quickly and calmly, while equipping them with the right tools, regardless of the future of the pandemic.”

The Autumn 2020 release is being demonstrated to customers in the U.S. today as part of EV Connect, the company’s annual customer conference, which has temporarily moved to a virtual format. The release will also be demonstrated at EV Connect in France on November 19, Portugal on November 24, Spain on November 26, and Italy on December 3. Attendees of EV Connect will have access to how-to’s, technical trainings, and customer use cases that will demonstrate how you can transform critical service functions while delivering value and improving customer experiences in today’s digital world.

EasyVista’s next release will take place in Spring 2021. For more information, visit www.easyvista.com.


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