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November 15, 2023

EasyVista Sees 22% Increase in Workforce in 2023

CPO, Cristina Zenati Costanzo, explains the company’s plans for 2024 to maintain momentum. 

New York (November, 2023) - EasyVista, a leading IT service management solution, saw a 22% increase in its workforce in 2023, with France and the USA seeing the majority of the new additions. Riding their recognition of being Great Place To Work© Certified, many significant changes over the last year led to this growth—especially the increase in ARR (€50MM ARR for 2023) and propels the company towards its main objective of reaching €100MM ARR by 2026. 

One of the biggest changes in 2023 has been the addition of Cristina Zenati Costanzo as Chief People Officer. Since Cristina started at EasyVista back in April, she’s been adamant about how important retaining their talent is to the company’s success. “At EasyVista, we understand that talent is our first asset, which is why we are committed to supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion intiatives—and can be seen by the launch of our new global processes to promote fair and consistent treatment of our employees. On top of the career progression and training, we also offer competitive benefit plans and stress the importance of work-life balance across all our regions. We strive to be a leader in not only the ITSM industry, but in technology as a whole, as a company that can have fun, while simultaneously achieving big goals,” Cristina Zenati Costanzo adds. 

Looking to carry the momentum from 2023 into 2024, EasyVista’s intention is to continue on their growth trajectory by maintaining the pace at which they hire, and ensuring a special emphasis is placed on onboarding new employees. This is evident from the significant amount of time the HR team has dedicated to fine-tuning their recruiting approach through improved processes and employee trainings. People Managers have been trained on running structured recruitment processes—topics of training covered: interview best practices, implementing personality assessment tools, and how to manage internal vs external hiring. It’s clear with these initiatives and steady growth, EasyVista fosters a positive environment for employees to thrive –inside and outside of work—that will only continue to benefit the company in years to come. 

About EasyVista
EasyVista is a leading IT software provider of end-to-end IT solutions including service management, remote support, IT monitoring, and self-healing technologies. EasyVista makes it easy for companies to embrace a customer-focused, proactive, and predictive approach to their IT service, support, and IT operations. Today, EasyVista helps over 3,000+ companies around the world to accelerate digital transformation, empower leaders to improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase employee and customer satisfaction across financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and other industries. Learn more at www.easyvista.com.