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July 02, 2024

EasyVista Unveils Latest EV Platform Release 2024.2 Following the Launch of EV Discovery and EV Orchestrate

July 2, 2024 - New York, NY – EasyVista, a global SaaS provider for comprehensive IT service management, IT monitoring, remote support solutions and Enterprise Service Management, is proud to announce the latest release of its EV Platform, version 2024.2. This new release, following the successful launches of EV Discovery and EV Orchestrate, underscores EasyVista’s commitment to research, development, and customer-centricity by continuously enhancing customer experiences.

The new EV Platform 2024.2 introduces several powerful enhancements designed to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and boost overall efficiency through advanced integration, automation, and AI capabilities. Michael Cohen, EasyVista’s Chief Technology Officer, highlights the main innovations:

“With our new EV Platform release 2024.2, we empower IT teams to achieve more with less effort. Enhancements in integration, automation, and AI provide real-time visibility and control, improve service reliability, and enable teams to focus on strategic initiatives. The EV Marketplace elevates our ecosystem by offering pre-built configurations and advanced automation, streamlining operations, and fostering a community of shared success among customers and partners.”

The EV Marketplace is a central hub for the EV ecosystem where certified partners and customers can share configurations, workflows, ready-to-use connectors, and SDKs. This accelerates ITSM and ESM best practices, significantly reducing time-to-market. The release 2024.2 also introduces Easy Connect, simplifying EV Platform integrations within complex application environments. Significant improvements to the reporting module's user interface provide better customization and efficiency. Additionally, EV Pepper AI V2 simplifies incident triage and resolution with improved accuracy, offering AI-generated recommendations based on knowledge articles and known issues.

This release aligns with EasyVista’s strategy to provide a comprehensive IT service experience platform that integrates service management, infrastructure monitoring, and remote support. Over the past three years, EasyVista has expanded its capabilities through key acquisitions and continuous product development, positioning itself as a leader in the IT service experience market.

This release unifies the platform, drives efficiency and productivity, and leverages collective intelligence for continuous improvement and shared success. EasyVista remains dedicated to its focus on customer-centricity and agility, ensuring that solutions are designed with the customer’s needs in mind.

 About EasyVista:

EasyVista is a leading IT software provider delivering comprehensive IT solutions, including service management, remote support, IT monitoring, and self-healing technologies. EasyVista empowers companies to embrace a customer-focused, proactive, and predictive approach to IT service, support, and operations. EasyVista is dedicated to understanding and exceeding customer expectations, ensuring seamless and superior IT experiences.

Today, EasyVista supports over 3,000+ companies worldwide in accelerating digital transformation, enhancing employee productivity, reducing operating costs, and boosting satisfaction for both employees and customers across various industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

For more information about EasyVista visit www.easyvista.com.