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Free WMI Explorer, WMI Tools & Powershell GUI Builder

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Perform agentless Windows remote administration without programming or scripting for free

  • Export PowerShell or Visual Basic WMI Scripts
  • Generate WQL queries using the WMI Query Wizard
  • Explore and discover the WMI repository


Download for free

“WMIX is an awesome tool that allows you to connect to a remote computer and dig through the WMI repository, but it also will generate WMI queries and scripts to use to automate information retrieval.”

— Rod Trent, Senior Executive Editor | Windows IT Pro

WMIX allows you to perform agentless remote administration of Windows machines without programming or scripting.


WMI is preinstalled in all Windows 2000 and newer OSs; it is also available for Windows NT, Windows 95 and Windows 98.


Use WMIX to leverage WMI, an industry standard, certified and compliant technology.


Generate PowerShell or Visual Basic scripts automatically using the WMIX GUI to define what needs to be reported on or performed.

WMIX is the right free product for you, if you :


 Want to learn WMI.

 Want to generate WMI scripts.

 Want to perform advanced system administration tasks and reports that rely on WMI.

 Are a systems administrator, infrastructure engineer or a systems developer.

With WMIX you can :


 Explore and consume WMI technology through a human-friendly user interface requiring minimal WMI knowledge or coding skills.

 Generate PowerShell or Visual Basic scripts automatically using a GUI to define an action or report and have WMIX generate a script for you.

 Generate WQL queries using the WMI Query wizard to create a WMI GPO filter.

 Perform agentless remote systems administration, keeping your IT infrastructure clean of third party vendor agents.

 Leverage existing industry standard, certified and compliant technology.