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How to Create a Next-Generation Service Desk to Meet Business Demand


It’s no secret that organizations are rapidly increasing their reliance on technology, from digitalization and digital transformation to expanded adoption of collaboration technologies and working from anywhere. 

As a result of this rapid digital transformation, a one-size-fits-all approach to service management doesn’t work. Traditional approaches to service management must evolve and modernize, incorporating next-generation service management that features the right mix of methodologies, tools, and technologies to meet the demands of tomorrow’s organization.

What does this mean for the service desk? Just as service management has had to evolve, service desks must evolve as well.

While many service desks have evolved beyond offering limited engagement channels or with the introduction of technologies such as chatbots and automation, the next-generation service desk goes a step further.

In this webinar, industry expert Doug Tedder shares:  

  • The must-have tools for the service desk of the future 
  • The differences between the service desk of tomorrow and previous generations 
  • How to evolve without a negative customer impact 
  • And more!

Watch the Replay