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How to Take Service & Support to the Next Level Beyond Shift-Left


The IT service desk has long sought to accomplish the difficult goals of lowering costs while increasing responsiveness and customer/user satisfaction. Shift-Left strategy came about in the efforts to accomplish these goals.

Moving resolution capabilities to the lowest possible tier of support—including self-help (Tier 0)—by means of knowledge transfer is a widely used approach. In practice, shifting left has proved somewhat successful, but has encountered some unexpected pitfalls. 

As the criticality and complexity of the IT environment continue to increase with cloud applications, decentralized IT, and remote or hybrid work, rapid resolutions are not enough. Interruptions impact productivity more than ever, and even good Problem Management isn’t keeping up. Optimization helps but is not enough. 

This educational webinar will explore: 

  • How Shift-Left is supposed to work and why it sometimes doesn’t 
  • Why preventing interruptions is becoming even more important 
  • How emerging technologies will change the model 

Watch the Replay