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Why Data Security is Critical to your business


Ensure the Protection of Your Business Data with EasyVista’s ITSM Solution.

39 seconds. 

That's how often, on average, a cyber-attack happens. 

...and typically end up costing companies $4.45 million US dollars. 

All that to say, security matters—a lot.  

Not just your personal company passwords, records, and backend systems, but also your client and vendor information—every piece of data your company interacts with. 

Add the potential worry of having a security breach on top of keeping clients happy, prospecting new work, posting social media content that’s relevant, and planning employee training and you’ll never feel like you have enough time in the day for anything. 

But security is vital to the wellbeing of your business. 

...and where we can help you.  

After all, our whole business is focused on empowering your IT to succeed in ITSM, remote support, and IT monitoring. 

We’re committed to safeguarding your data from unauthorized access, preventing data breaches, and maintaining the integrity of your data through our certifications and services.  

EasyVista’s Standard of Security 

  • SSAE18 SOC2 
  • GDPR & ISO 27018 
  • IP SEC 
  • ISO 20071, ISO 27017, & HDS 
  • Encryption of data at rest 
  • TX-RAMP 
  • SecNumCloud 

Maintain and expand your business relationships—protect the foundation of your offering, your business’ data. 

Download this data sheet to learn more about how EasyVista can help increase your data security.  

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