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Shift-Left ROI Calculation Worksheet

How much money can a shift-left strategy save your service desk? 

A shift-left strategy can address your organization's need to decrease the costs of supporting employees and customers while increasing satisfaction1. It involves moving work from higher levels of support toward Level 1, and moving repetitive work out of Level 1 into self-help.

The question is, how can your organization benefit from self-help technology?

This worksheet walks you through the calculation of what savings your organization can potentially see with a successful shift-left strategy, including:

  • How many tickets you can expect to be shifted to level-0 support
  • Your monthly cost savings per month, including the cost of self-help technology
  • Your net savings per year with a shift-left strategy

Get started and download this shift-left ROI calculation worksheet!


1 The ROI of Shift-Left: Optimizing Service Desk Costs with Self-Help, HDI, EasyVista, December 2019

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