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The world of IT support and service desks is changing quickly. 

Customers can no longer wait days or hours for their log-in or technology-related issues to be resolved—they'll go elsewhere. And, cyberattacks are increasing. 

To stay at pace with other managed IT service vendors and protect your company’s important data from cyberattacks, you need to start investing now in new, updated ITSM service desk solutions and processes.  

Best place to start? 

Recognize that you can no longer take a reactive approach (addressing an issue once it’s happened) to ITSM support. By the time your IT desk is helping a client log in or get a server back up and running once it goes down in the middle of a Wednesday, you’re already losing precious time—which you can’t afford to do. 

What you need to do is take a proactive, predictive approach to ITSM. In doing so, you’ll have a well-trained and equipped IT support desk team that has automations set up to predict (and alert) server downtime, update knowledge base content, and more! 

To help you, we worked with Stephen Mann, a vetted ITSM writer, to build this eBook on how IT support tools will not only help your budget constraints, but also will help take your IT maturity to proactive—giving you back control over the future direction of your IT services. 

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What’s included in the eBook?  

How to reposition your organization’s IT support capabilities to address these challenges: 

  1. People-centricity – Provide omnichannel support to get people working again.
  2. Extending IT service management (ITSM) -- The benefits of combining IT monitoring and IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities with IT support.  
  3. Adopting collaborative support models -- Using Peer-to-Peer Support and swarming to better meet user needs.  
  4. Utilizing new technologies and capabilities – How Generative AI can help identify knowledge base gaps, predict incidents using historical data, analyze incoming tickets, and more... 
  5. Moving IT support maturity from reactive to proactive – How teams can be better supported to handle incoming or potential threats to increase customer satisfaction and business operations.  

Who’s Stephen Mann? 

Stephen Mann is a well-known ITSM analyst and writer. Mann has spent his entire 33-year career covering a wide range of IT-related roles (including, IT consultancy, ITSM, IT asset management, IT software product marketing), which give him a wealth of experience and knowledge to pull from when to write insightful and data-backed ITSM content for clients and ITSM.Tools (a free, independent IT service management website that covers best practices, tips and tricks, and more written by top ITSM practitioners, consultants and trainers)--has been doing since 2008. 

Get IT Support Desk Help Today 

Can’t wait any longer to improve your IT support desk processes and procedures? Need updated managed IT services? Want a better IT solution for managing your knowledge base or incident management? 

No matter what you need related to IT service management for your support desk, you’re in the right place. After securing your free eBook, schedule a free consultation call with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. You can take your company from reactive to proactive IT maturity faster than you think!