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3 Technologies to Fast-Track Self-Service in the Remote Work Paradigm


During the current pandemic, companies and organizations have been acting fast to get people working productively from home or other remote locations. The demands for speed and flexibility have put tremendous stress on service desks and technical support centers, which are also dealing with their own departure from familiar offices with ready-access to systems and each other.

At the same time, contact volume has increased dramatically as those not normally equipped or trained to work from home are working with systems and tools that are new to them. To lessen the strain on support, organizations need to ramp up self-service and self-help tools as rapidly as possible, while still providing end users with accurate and useful information.

Organizations should consider 3 technologies to enable better self-service:

  • Robust self-help to capture and deliver knowledge as well as provide solid metrics about its use
  • Omnichannel support to provide knowledge to users wherever they are—in applications, websites, or messaging tools
  • Chatbots and/or virtual agents that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to keep knowledge contextual and provide guided support

According to HDI research, the 10% of organizations that saw a decrease in support contact volume named the top two factors driving the decrease as self-help and the knowledge base.

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