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Don’t Cut Your IT Service Desk Costs, Optimize Them


In the wake of the global pandemic, many organizations may be required to make difficult decisions due to new budget constraints. Instead of focusing on traditional budget cuts, your focus should be on optimizing the areas that will increase the value of your service desk.  

In the post-COVID-19 “new normal,” there’s a need for IT service desks to quickly adapt to the new ways of working and new employee expectations. There’s also the necessity to focus on costs – reflecting the harsh commercial realities of the crisis.

However, after a decade of cost-cutting, many service desks had evolved their strategies and operations to focus on value rather than cost. Now, it’s important to maintain, or potentially to start, this despite the immediate need to cut costs – with cost optimization the way to do it.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Stephen Mann from ITSM.tools and Evan Carlson from EasyVista as they discuss:

  • The four key facilitators of IT service desk cost optimization
  • The benefits of focusing on each of these five areas
  • Practical tips to help your organization successfully optimize its service desk costs

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