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Integrating Knowledge Management & Virtual Agents for Self-Service Success

Knowledge management is more critical than ever.

Advanced technologies, such as virtual agents, chatbots, and AI, require that organizations have knowledge organized and accessible to the “smart machines.” One of the goals of knowledge management is to provide self-help for customers and end users. Organizations want to provide this kind of assistance, for reasons including ongoing cost savings and reducing contact demand on the service desk, but many have been met with mixed results, especially in terms of adoption.

What if, regardless of where users are—in a collaboration tool, on an intranet site, or elsewhere—knowledge was readily available and provided guided help through virtual agents, chatbots and other advanced technologies? The whole experience of accessing and consuming knowledge would be different, empowering people to get on about their work seamlessly.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss 3 steps you need to consider to successfully integrate advanced technologies and knowledge management to raise the level of self-help support in your organization:

  1. Adopt foundational AI capabilities focused on improving context and relevancy
  2. Deliver knowledge experiences rather than knowledge articles
  3. Make self-service available from collaboration platforms, websites, self-service portals, and more.

This webinar will help you form your strategies and set your goals for the acquisition and use of emerging technologies.


HDI SpeakerChris Chagnon
ITSM Architect,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

SVP of North America & CMO, EasyVista

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