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IT Onboarding: Leveraging Knowledge and AI to Optimize the New Employee Experience 

Delivering Employee Onboarding in a New Way 

Is your onboarding process taking too long? Is it overly complicated and causing a surge in calls to the service desk? Most organizations have inefficient self-service and struggle to deliver the knowledge and answers their new employees seek. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Watch our recent webinar on optimizing employee onboarding, where we explore how to: 

  • Deliver guided self-service to help new employees find the right answers and resources they need to be productive 
  • Easily create knowledge flows that automate knowledge access, contextual interactions, and actions with other systems 
  • Integrate with ITSM to automate catalog requests and submit support requests 
  • Leverage chatbots and AI to provide interactive access from anywhere 

Watch the Replay