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Webinar Replay:
How to Empower IT Through the Latest ITSM Trends


New Year ITSM Trends
Building value for your IT department in 2024!

Start your new year off the ITSM way. Join EasyVista and Stephen Mann, Principal consultant and content director at itsm.tools, for our two-episode webinar series, How to Empower Your IT Through the Latest ITSM Trends. Grab your popcorn as we uncover current ITSM trends and how you can implement them in your workplace.

Episode 1: ITSM Trends

  • Explore the dynamic landscape of ITSM, addressing current challenges and the call for change.
  • Highlight key trends (AI, EX, ESM, People) shaping ITSM based on 2016-2023 data, with a sneak peek at the 2024 version.
  • Focus on AI's practical use in ITSM, backed by recent adoption stats and a special emphasis on AIOps.

Episode 2 on Building Value will take place on February 20th, 2024 at 11:00AM EST | 1600 GM.

  • Unveil the transformative power of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), reshaping service management through digital enablement.
  • Explore "Advanced ITSM" as a holistic approach, interconnecting trends like value, digital transformation, and employee experience.
  • Seamlessly transition into a value-centric discussion, connecting the dots between Advanced ITSM and unlocking business value.

Watch the Replay of Episode 1 and 2