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Tactics to Empower Service Desk Agents and Employees in 2021


During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses quickly saw the value in the IT service desk and ITSM software and teams. In many cases, the IT service desk was responsible for helping organizations quickly pivot to remote work, often left to contend with high ticket volume while experiencing challenges in their own work style and balance.

Despite the challenges, service desk teams across the world have shown incredible resilience and have proven, in many cases, to be the backbone of the business.

As we reflect on trends and look to the future, it's clear that the service desk will continue to play an important role. It's more important now than ever to align with business goals and focus on tactics that truly empower employees – both on the user/operator side and the end-user side, including service desk employees and customers of the service desk.

Watch this webinar replay to learn key tactics to empower and enable employees to excel in 2021, including:

  • Techniques such as “swarming” to streamline ticket handling, and enhance collaboration
  • Leveraging AI technology and automation
  • Ways to improve the people-experience in the digital-first era

Watch the Replay