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Turn Your Tech Green


The demand for technology is increasing every day. While life’s getting increasingly easier to navigate as everything goes digital, there’s an increase in the carbon footprint – the amount of greenhouse gases (e.g., carbon dioxide) produced – that is having detrimental effects on our planet. Because of this, it’s up to individual businesses to practice Green IT and use technology to reduce the negative environmental impacts it traditionally creates.



Green IT: The Importance of Sustainable Technology

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Green IT - 1

6 Ways to Reduce Your IT Carbon Footprint  

  • Use energy-efficient technology (buy ENERGY-STAR Certified devices)
  • Reduce the number of devices you use
  • Host virtual meetings to cut back on travel
  • Recycle and repair tech products, instead of purchasing new
  • Ditch paper and transition to digital tools
  • Optimize data centers 

“50 to 60% of emissions related to end-user devices can be addressed by procuring fewer devices per person and extending the life cycle of each device through recycling.” (McKinsey, September 2022)

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Start recycling your tech today.

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Green IT - 2

Why Sustainability Matters in Tech 

Just because the oil industry outpaces the tech industry for greenhouse gas emissions doesn’t mean the tech industry should be put on the backburner. The alarm is still sounding – maybe even more so – for those in tech to adopt sustainable practices. Any change in emission production matters. This is why it’s up to those in technology to adopt sustainable practices, especially in the production and disposal of tech products.  

Green IT - 3

3 Outcomes of Sustainable Tech Practices 

Every effort towards sustainability matters – our future quite literally depends on it. Here are a few ways improving your own organization will benefit the world as a whole.  

1. Conserves resources 

2. Reduces carbon emissions 

3. Protects our planet for future generations


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