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How to Meet End User Expectations
in the Digital Era

In the consumer world, there are brands that are synonymous with amazing customer experiences. Whether it be Apple in design, Amazon in self-service, or IKEA in efficient operations, these companies offer many avenues for internal IT organizations to better support, and maybe even wow and delight, their customers. But it’s not a “nice to do” – employees now expect to receive their consumer-world experiences in the workplace, and why wouldn’t they?

Join Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst and Content Director at the ITSM-focused industry analyst firm and Chris Dunn, Global Director of Product Marketing at EasyVista, as they explore how to incorporate the principles of good design, fantastic customer service, and efficient processes to deliver a superior customer experience in the IT world.

In this webinar replay, Stephen and Chris will be examining:

  • How consumer-world experiences can be applied to IT
  • Self-Service benefits and tips for adoption
  • Knowledge Management best practices

This is a great opportunity to hear from industry experts as they explore the many ways to apply consumer-like practices to wow your users!

Watch the Replay