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Rapidly Deploy a Knowledge Management Program to Support Work-From-Home Customer Service

Meet Your Customer Service Agents Where They Are

There is no denying it: the pandemic created major changes and challenges to customer service environments.

In fact, by 2023, crowdsourcing, work at home, telecommuting, and the gig economy will account for 35% of the customer service workforce and more than 60% of all customer service engagements will be delivered via digital and web self-serve channels1.

Is your organization ready to meet agents and customers where they are with the knowledge they need?

Download Gartner’s Rapidly Deploy a Knowledge Management Program to Support Work From Home Customer Service report and learn how to optimize the effectiveness of customer service agents in the new operating paradigm through self-service and knowledge management technologies.

We believe this report will address how to:

  • Build and launch a knowledge management program
  • Leverage self-service tools to assist customers and provide consistent knowledge to agents
  • Fine-tune vital support channels, including self-service, to better meet the needs of customer service agents

Get your complimentary copy of the report today!

1 Gartner, Gartner Report: Rapidly Deploy a Knowledge Management Program to Support Work-From-Home Customer Service, Drew Kraus, Anthony Mullen, 12 June 2020

Download the Report